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Vibration is often the limiting parameter in gaining high output during machining of deep holes and complex workpiece. While using extra-long tools where L/D ratio is greater than 5, the usual cause of vibrations during machining is the dynamic interaction between the cutting process & machine tool structure. Vibration is critical for a tool to perform well at all designed speed, feed and depth of cuts, to overcome this problem Sigma has introduced Samurai Tools.

By using Samurai tools you can increase the cutting parameters & at the same time get more secure & vibration free process with close tolerances, good surface & much higher material removal rate, which results into lower cost per component.

Precisely, it can be explained more effectively with the help the following example.

  • Regular alloy steel machining boring bar can perform only up to 3.5 L/D to 4 L/D.
  • If we try boring operation over and above 4 L/D, there are higher chances of vibration and chatter marks.
  • Hence, to do boring above L/D 4, Antivibration tools are recommended.

By using Sigma Antivibration tools you can achieve vibration free machining process, higher cutting parameters, close tolerances, good surface finish and higher metal removal rate, which results in lower cost per component.

Mechanism of Samurai Tool

Sigma Samurai tools have piston and cylinder mechanism with the cylinder filled with a special fluid. The piston acts as a damper, which dampens the vibration generated while machining the component and the special fluid absorbs the vibration, thus providing steady machining, great rigidity and high stability at the complex and extreme conditions.

Sigma has developed this Samurai Antivibration tool by using special high tensile steel which provides greater strength and rigidity, whereas the piston and cylinder mechanism gives dynamic stability. This tool performs at complex conditions where normal steel & conventional antivibration boring tools do not work satisfactorily. Sigma makes AVT mechanism which is having dampening characteristics increased by as much as 18 to 24 X. In AVT system vibration mechanism is placed where deflection is highest. This mechanism will start absorbing vibration, thus it immediately neutralizes vibration and gives the consistent steady result.

These tools can be used for all types of application such as drilling, boring, milling, tapping, parting & grooving. With the help of customized modular clamping system, the front modular head can be changed within minimum setting time resulting into improvised cycle time.

Guidelines For Using Samurai Tool

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